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“Our focus is not to treat the symptom but the root
cause of dysfunction in the first place”
~ Dr. Joe Baldino, Functional Neurologist

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Welcome to Integrative Neurology & Athletic Performance Clinic

Do you or someone you love suffer from traumatic brain injury, a degenerative brain disease or a developmental disorder? Do you feel like its a fight every day and don’t know what to do about it anymore? Are you ready to give up, feel like things are getting impossible and you want to just walk away? Dr. Joe Baldino and his team at INAPC want to give you hope and relief!

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We Get It

We get it because we know how the brain works. We know when your brain is compromised, things change, you change and its hard for those around you to truly understand or sympathize what is happening to you. We know by the time you see us, you are not just dealing with physical issues, there are also emotional and mental struggles. We get it and we want to be by your side on this journey.

We Learn

We learn about you, what you are going through and we learn from you. Your brain is different than anyone elses’. It is unique and has its own history. Every visit during our assessment and testing, you will teach us something that we will use to rehab your brain effectively. We trust what you are telling us as you trust us to help you. We learn from each other to reach the goal…your recovery!

We Strengthen

We strengthen our patients more than just physically, we strengthen them with hope. Many of our patients tell us that within the first few visits they already feel strengthened by the hope we give them, more hope that they have had in years. That hope increases their mental strength to keep going and participates in the healing process. This is why we do what we do and our patients strengthen us more than they know!

“I’m now able to play catch and shoot hoops with my grandson. I was not able to do any of that before.  I’m happy to be back!”


Parkinson's disease

“Every time I leave this clinic, I have tears in my eyes. I have two things I never thought I’d have – hope and relief.” 

Ashley N.

Migraines & Anxiety

“I haven’t seen this much progress in my healing for almost 11 yrs since my brain injury!”

Omar T.

Brain Injury

How We Help

Dr. Baldino and his team utilize the most current treatment protocols featuring specialized therapies and proprietary diagnostic technology, which is proven to significantly improve overall neurological well-being in a short period of time.

Functional Neurology



Call today to set up an Initial Neurological Exam and RESTORE YOUR FUNCTION!