How We Help

Innovative Therapy

Care does not involve drugs or surgery and is very individualized. Results are achieved through a specific regimen of exercises and therapies. Our sessions are very intense, yet not uncomfortable. The focus is stimulating your brain’s natural ability for growth and change. Our team works together to rebuild neural pathways that will improve your brain’s overall performance, thus improving your neurological, mental, and physical performance, in addition to your overall quality of life.

The following may be incorporated:

  • Specific chiropractic adjustments designed to change signaling from joint receptors
  • A wide variety of visual, auditory, optokinetic, vestibular and stabilization activities
  • Eye movement exercises
  • Coordination patterning
  • Cognitive or thought-based exercises
  • Activities to increases oxygen supply
  • Modification of home, work or school activities and environments

Our Range of Treatment

Our entire team of experts utilizes the most current treatment protocols featuring specialized therapies and proprietary diagnostic technology, which is proven to significantly improve overall neurological well-being in a short period of time. We help patients who suffer from a variety of traumatic brain injuries, degenerative brain diseases and developmental disorders, which include but are not limited to: Concussion / TBI, Headaches, Chronic Pain, Autism, ADHD / ADD, Dyslexia, Vertigo – Dizziness – Tinnitus – Poor Balance – POTS / Dysautonomia – Tremors, Anxiety, Muscle Rigidity, Tourettes, Muscle and Joint Pain, Sound, Light and Noise Sensitivity, Fatigue, Stress, Brain Fog, Tics, Sports Performance Enhancement, Car Accidents, Personal Injury.

What To Expect

Nerve cells need fuel and stimulation to thrive, and our treatment is aimed at fulfilling this need. It includes activities that have been shown either by scientific research, case study or immediate pre and post testing to activate nerve cells. Our highly specialized medical care involves advanced and complex procedures and treatments performed by medical specialists with state-of-the-art equipment. In many cases our patients have not experienced success through standard care, and we are prepared to take on even the most challenging of cases.

Our initial diagnostic testing will uncover areas of instability and neurological inconsistencies. Once complete, we will determine a customized therapy protocol to effectively target your personal obstacles. This initial consultation will last approximately 2 hours and is extremely comprehensive.

Our experts and therapists will recommend a personalized treatment plan which, depending on the severity of dysfunction, typically includes several therapy sessions a day for a week’s time. These therapy visits range in time from 30-60 minutes in length. The use of this model of care coupled with proprietary diagnostic technology has been proven to have profound results.

Payment for our care is due at the time of service. We currently participate in insurance billing with Blue Cross Blue Shield, but treatment may be reimbursed by your insurance carrier depending on the plan that you have selected.