Dr Baldino is a miracle worker to say the least. I went into his office with irreversible nerve damage about 4 years ago. I couldn’t walk when I walked in. When I left my first appt, my feet were working again! After a few months he got me back to as normal as possible. I still go back when I can for normal adjustments. He truly changed my life and how I viewed chiropractic health. Also probably the most intelligent person I’ve ever met. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

Madison T.

“I brought my 10 year old daughter in for an evaluation. The experience was incredible- state of the art equipment, thorough testing, and passionate doctors. In one appointment, I found out more about what was going on with my daughter than I had in years from different doctors and specialists.

She has been seeing them for treatment of POTS/Dysautonomia. I’m very thankful to have found INAPC!”

Ann B.


“I took my daughter to Dr. Joseph Baldino in St. Charles. The thing we both liked about him is that he LOVES what he does. He explained so much and spent a lot of time with us, my daughter felt especially comfortable with him which was important to me. She was 17/18 at the time we went to him. We learned so much from him and didn’t feel like just another patient. Kind of like he didn’t care about making money he just wanted to help us.”

Dawna W.

“I’m now able to play catch and shoot hoops with my grandson. I was not able to do any of that before. I’m happy to be back!”


Parkinson's Disease

“Thank you, once again, for helping. Joe, you truly are saving her life. As she put it, no doctor, counselor or medical person, ever, has ever treated her with more respect and actually listened to her. She felt like a new woman when she left you. Before we left the parking lot, we walked around it, and I never seen her walk so straight. She cried, thinking how lucky she is to be seeing you. She was also so sleepy, I drove her home and I think she went right to bed. You lifted the weight off her body and spirit yesterday. 

Terrance W.

They have been treating me for POTS for only two weeks, and I’m almost completely free of dizziness! My heart rate is much more stable, I haven’t blacked out since before I started treatments, and I generally feel more energetic and healthy. I was skeptical at first, because I had gotten my hopes up about medications and other treatments in the past that didn’t really help, but these guys are the real deal. The results are astounding! And I’ve heard many other success stories like mine. It’s amazing to feel some relief after so many years of symptoms.

Mylee F.


“I haven’t seen this much progress in my healing for almost 11 yrs since my brain injury!”
Omar T.

Brain Injury

“I saw, literally, the best knee surgeons in the country and couldn’t get my knee to work correctly. Dr Baldino got me to the point where I could do stairs in a month.
I came back to him for help as an athlete a few months later. I compete in powerlifting at a very high level and was having some pretty strange issues under bigger weights and Dr Baldino again was able to find the cause and get me back to full functioning. In 2017 I had the biggest bench press across every powerlifting federation in the super heavyweight class and couldn’t have done it without Dr Baldino’s help. He’s seriously incredible.”
Barzeen V.

“My 17-year old daughter was having horrible, non-stop headaches. Dr. Baldino diagnosed the problem immediately and treated her ONLY with manipulations, exercises, and different stimuli. No medications! After about 7 visits her headaches have just about disappeared. We are so happy we found him and would recommend him highly! (A neurologist we went to before hearing of Dr. Baldino had wanted to put her on blood-pressure medicines and strong pharmaceuticals.)”
Marie F.

“I recommend you go there and get fixed!”
Beth N.

“I work with both Dr. Baldino for my neuro/adjustment needs and Dr. Runyan for my recovery/adjustment needs as well. I appreciate the time taken to listen to what I have to say about my conditions and working together to use my symptoms and their expertise to make the best care plan for me. I find not only relief but come here for the professional, yet comfortable atmosphere of treatment. I abuse my body and want to take care of it just as much, and these doctors have exceeded my expectations in this.”
Heather W.

“I have been dealing with Dysautonomia/POTS with symptoms of tachycardia, brain fog, lightheadedness, and jitteriness. Since getting treatment from functional neurologists, my symptoms have been steadily improving.

It is therapy in itself to hear the words “I understand what you are going through” and “I can help you to feel better.” Dr. Joe has tremendous knowledge about the functions of the body, and you can see his passion for helping people from the moment you first meet him.

Dr. Joe provides therapy for long-term care as well as tips and tricks to do at home that can help with flare ups of symptoms in the moment.

I am so thankful that I am able to be treated by Dr. Joe at INAPC. They treat a wide variety of symptoms, so at the very least, I would recommend giving them a call to see if they can help!

Edit: I wanted to add that I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Joe for getting my health to a place where I could work on my schoolwork again and be able to graduate high school on time. I had been out of school since October, but thanks to them was able to graduate with the rest of my class.”

Nina W.


“God has got a lot to do with me getting better. He works through these doctors.

Four months ago my hand started shaking. When I went to the doctor to find out what’s going on. They told me I had Parkinson’s. My cousin Dean suggested I go to these doctor where I’ve been getting some real help. The therapies they do there have really been helping a lot. These guys are good. I used to get really dizzy and couldn’t stand in a line at the store I couldn’t play My Guitar which really bothered me. Now I can play my guitar again standing up the dizziness is gone. I still have Tremors in my hand but they are a lot less now. Perhaps a few more weeks and I’ll be better. Thanks to the doctors at INAPC.”

Russell W.

Parkinson's Disease

“Every time I leave this clinic, I have tears in my eyes. I have two things I never thought I’d have – hope and relief.

I’ve suffered from severe migraines and anxiety for most of my life. I’ve been to various neurologists, been on multiple medications with sporadic results. Most days are a “7” or “8” on a 1-10 scale. ’10’ days are days that I end up in the ER for an IV and pain meds – at least once every month or two.

To walk into this clinic with only a vague idea of what they actually do and walk out with a better understanding and a “3” on the headache scale is mind-blowing. Because I don’t constantly have mind-numbing headaches, my anxiety has lessened a bit too. I’ve been seeing them twice a week for three weeks now and everything has changed.

They are so knowledgeable, patient, kind, and most importantly, they are passionate about what they do and about helping people. They understand pain – whether it’s a migraine or something more severe. I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Edited to Add: I left the quarter on most of the night and I didn’t wake up with a headache for the first time in months. Thank you so much.”

Ashley N.

Migraines & Anxiety

“I have multiple symptoms including severe migraines and vertigo. Dr. Baldino worked with me using different exercises, manipulations, and massage therapy allowing me to find some relief during these episodes. I also had him treat my son during his football season and after. He is excellent with sport related injuries and preparing the body during off season.”
Jessica S.

Migraines & Vertigo

“Dr Baldino is AMAZING. He changed the life of my family. I saw him after a car accident, and was so impressed I had him treat my children. I have a daughter that suffers from migraine and several other medical conditions; as well as my other daughter for other issues. He really takes time to listen and works to treat the entire system in new and innovative ways. As a result of his outstanding care, we now all lead more productive reduced pain free lives.”
Susan D.

“Where do I begin with my rave review of Dr. Joe?

A number of years ago, my father, 70 at the time, fell out of a tree trying to retrieve a broken limb after a lightening strike and compressed a disc. It eventually healed but he never quite walked the same. A few months ago my dad, slipped on the ice, fell on his back and got a concussion. He underwent numerous medical tests, all of which came back ‘normal’. However, when I saw him 2 weeks ago, I noticed my dad was hardly able to turn his head at all, he had a notable “gate” when he walked and his cognitive ability was not so sharp.

I knew other people who’d seen Dr. Joe and like him. I knew he was a chiropractor who focused on more than just traditional chiropractics but I had no idea what exactly that meant. I took my dad to see Dr Joe hoping he could get an adjustment and hopefully help him move better but he got more than that!! Dr. Joe spent 1.5 hrs with my dad his first visit and did a full neurologic evaluation before any chiropractic assessments. He found that the majority of my dad’s problems were primarily neurologic, not structural. Because of the traumatic falls my dad had, his brain perceived himself to be in a state of perpetual imbalance. Dr. Joe gave my dad some strategies/tips for mental stimulation and neurologic retraining … the results were almost immediate. After 2 weeks, my dad is standing tall again, he is able to move and turn like he did 10+ yrs ago and a side bonus, his short term memory has improved markedly! My dad thought he was on his slow decline into old age and possibly Alzheimer’s/dementia. Dr. Joe renewed my dad’s spirits and gave him a new lease on life!

I can’t thank Dr. Joe enough for what he did for my dad and our family!!”

Kimberley D.

“Always treated with respect & never made to feel like you are just another number. This is a practice where you become part of a family. INAPC has given me hope about my diagnosis.
H old
O n
P ain
E nds”
Tracy M.

“There is nowhere better to go for maximizing your health! We have been patients for over a decade of Dr. Baldino and when my son has been concussed (multiple times), I have peace of mind knowing he is in Dr. Baldino’s care!”
Meg W.

“Joe thank you so much for getting Elise in on such a short notice. We all know how important our little girls are to us. Your wealth of knowledge is second to none!! It is truly a pleasure to be dealing with somebody that takes the time to explain everything that is happening and actually knows what the hell they’re talking about! When I left there I know that she is in great hands! Thanks again Joe!

“Dr. Joe is a miracle worker…he helps your brain as well as your bones…..he is the Best!!!”
Tina I.

“I have had the privilege and have been inspired by working with Dr. Joe Baldino. I have seen him make “miracles” happen and give hope back to those who were told to live with their condition. I can assure you he will take his time with everyone who walks through his door. I have never met someone more compassionate and driven in helping others.”
Abbey H.